Statement Society

Het is en blijft een interessante discussie: borsten. Twee bobbels vet met een tepel erop en elke vrouw heeft ze. Niks bijzonders aan eigenlijk, maar toch is het (nog) een taboe om ze te showen. Komt dit puur doordat dit zo in de maatschappij geslepen is of heeft het andere redenen? Elk mens heeft tepels, […]

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Eigen keus, maar niet heus

Je kent het vast wel: je zit lekker op een terrasje te genieten van de zon, maar opeens steekt je  buurman een sigaret op en blaast de rook vol in jouw gezicht. Vast niet expres, maar irritant is het wel, vooral als je zelf geen roker bent. Daarom kwam staatssecretaris Paul Blokhuis (volksgezondheid) met het […]

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Let’s talk about shoes. Everyone has them, everyone wears them and nowadays it can even be a luxury good. The selection is wide and besides, the amount of materials is tremendous: cotton, canvas, leather… and also these kinds of materials vary (such as pineapple leather for vegans). But have you ever heard chewing gum-made shoes? […]

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Socioliac disease

The well-known American sandwich bar Jersey Mike’s announced that they will offer a gluten-free sandwich after positive results on the test markets. Since December 2017, buying this roll has been possible at more than 1300 branches in the US. Jersey Mike’s works together with Udi’s for the gluten-free sub rolls (Jersey Mike’s, 2017). This company […]

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Meat the solutions

Presumably, you know someone who doesn’t eat meat or animal products at all. In the last years, becoming vegetarian or vegan is rising in popularity. Companies, restaurants and stores can’t ignore it, they have to modify their assortment in order to not lose customers. And yes, they are doing this. For example, Ben & Jerry’s […]

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Robot or king?

Running. For you relaxation and freedom, for someone else a nightmare. For fanatics, running the marathon is often a lifegoal. 42km of sweating, but you can be proud when finished. In April, almost 30.000 participants ran the annually marathon of Boston (Boston Athletic Association [B.A.A.], 2018) and Adidas decided to reward them. The company made […]

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